This is the people-powered movement for a greener, fairer, wilder and healthier Cardiff. We have a membership of nearly 100 people. The current Management Committee are:

Emma Jones


  • Sheona Evans
  • Leonora Thomson
  • Siôn Williams
January 2022Membership hits 50 and we launch the vote for the new Management Committee
January 2022The new Management Committee is announced
November 2021An Unincorporated Association is set up to manage the movement
November 2021Free membership of the National Park City movement is launched
October 2021Cardiff Council supports a workshop to scope how a National Park City movement could work in Cardiff
May 2021The Cabinet of Cardiff Council agrees to support the National Park City concept in Cardiff
March 2021Cardiff Council sets out their intention to support the National Park City concept in their forward plan
November 2019Afallen organises an event to bring the National Park City concept to Wales
July 2019London becomes the first National Park City
July 2019NationalParkCity.Wales website launched by Afallen
June 2017National Park City Foundation formed